By Eldred Sunju-Abbey 

A very balanced performance, we exacted our will early and showed great urgency by taking the fight to them right from the blast.

*I will first touch on the positives;*

1. The Goalkeeper was very calm, regulated the tempo and I really enjoyed his keeper-sweeper ability. The back four stayed cautious and tactically disciplined.

2. Sanusi I’m sure was instructed to stay home more not to allow anticipated loading from Salah on our left flank. 

3. Aina really joined the attack and had some great run and presence in our attacking 3rd and even 1 v 1 with their Goalkeeper. 

4. Trost and Kenneth showed some understanding mostly defensively, stayed very physical and contested very strongly. 

5. Ndidi handle is cover and screening assignment very well. 

6. Aribo I think played to instructions. 

7. Man of the Match Moses, gave us expansive and vertical extensions, but most effective was keeping Hegazy at home, knowing after Moses sentences the RFB he has to come cover or most times available for tag – teaming to show less potent directional to Moses. 

8. Awoniyi made sure El Wensh had Hegazy stayed busy and was able to delay or confused the central cover and balance responsibilities. 

Typically the resultant build up and numerical superiority in front of goal for our only goal. We must tune and escalate these positive to build team ID, uniformity and confidence as this is a pointer of our strength and what works and give us comparative advantage.

*Again, great game ,but it can only get better, so here are some things we can do better.*

1. Very difficult to furnish our system of play with this psuedo 4-4-2 – (with Moses and Chukwueze hogging the line), but in reality a 4-3-3 ( but kelechi rearly servicing or facilitating early enough) Even Awoniyi offensive positional play and runs off the ball was illmatch.

2. Our Goalkeeper stays to deep and must regulate duration when we trying to play out of the back. A couple of times a quick restart would have opened the Egyptian defense knowing we have speedsters on the flanks and more animation in controlling and exacting authority. 

3. Maybe tactical institutions, but after we pinned them to thier 35′ and only Sallah upfront, our back 4 didn’t seize the opportunity to play from the back and invite the Egyptians to come out, hence generating pockets of 1 v 1 and gaps and channels for penetrations and goalside passes. 

4. A balance from Sanusi joining attack and support for Moses.

Yes, maybe Aribo could start beside Ndidi but should be encourage to carry more and eliminate early going north to always give us that plus 1 for numbers up. 

5. Chukwueze with has the capacity and ability to match the forays as exhibited by Moses on the left, sell him confidence and patience,  great game by Moses, but has to do better with those balls in and services into the box. 

6. We need Awoniyi’s presence in front of goal, he sacrifices defensive duties and migrate too far from where he could have hurt them today. 

8. Kelechi needs to find and occupy pockets to attract markers and be able to release wingers or crack at goal, sequence to his goal.

*Once again a very awesome opener, weldone and Grace Abundance!*


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