A show of shame in the NFF yet again

After the ouster of the Super Falcons by Germany from the Women World Cup in France, the ladies insisted they will not exit the hotel until they got their entitlements which they specifically mentioned as the following:

  1. 2 million Naira match allowances dating as far as 2yrs
  2. Their share of the $1m World Cup prize money

One would think these requests are simple and straightforward but up stepped Dikko, who issued a very long, boring and dodgy response to the situation as he attempted to cover up this show of shame but only to highlight yet again, how broke the NFF truly is and how they live off the FG for survival

Dikko made the following claims and insinuations in his publication:

  1. The Super Falcons are frauds and blackmailers. Does this sound familiar? Yes it does because it is the classic response of the NFF to anybody who calls them out for the liars and chronic debtors which they are. The NFF practically ridiculed the office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Nigeria, made it look as if they don’t need the FG or Ministry for anything, yet they now confess that they are nothing without the FG. Despite his attempt at smearing the image of the Falcons, Dikko’s lack of concrete and compelling evidence, only proves how much of a liar the NFF truly is
  2. Dikko confirmed that the NFF depends on the FG for life support by clearly casting all the hopes of the NFF on the monies to be gotten from the FG. While this is true, the question now is:

How did the NFF reach the President and WHO is the correspondent, since there is no Minister for Youth and Sports at the moment?

  1. Dikko publicly admitted to the mafia style of leadership and strong arming of the Falcons into compliance. When the Falcons approached him for their World Cup appearance package, Dikko, a Nigerian, started making references to different countries of the world, using that as an excuse NOT to grant the request, instead of showcasing proper man management which makes me wonder if Dikko is just a cheap gossip or perhaps a spy after all? If not, how can he have time to poke nose and find out what happens in other independent associations of the World yet claims not to know of anything happening in the NPFL which is under his command? Something is seriously wrong

Let us also remember that FIFA has paid Nigeria $1m for appearing in the World Cup in France and since the NFF says the Falcons are due 30% of the total amount, then it means the Falcons are asking for the following:

  1. 2 million Naira arrears
  2. $330,000.00 only! (excluding the daily allowance)

So in summary, it is now evident the following is true:

  1. The NFF cannot afford $330,000 plus #2m at the present moment until the FG releases the money but that is assuming Dikko is telling the truth (which I very much doubt to be honest), in which case he should provide us with the memo raised to the FG on this issue since the immediate past Minister for Youth and Sports, Barr Solomon Dalung, explicitly warned that no monies for these competitions are available for the NFF, forcing them to rely on Special Intervention Funds. We must also remember that it is the job of the Minister to make such an appeal, not a bloody civilian like Pinnick or Dikko. So Dikko is lying on this issue
  2. By dropping the President’s name unnecessarily, the NFF through Dikko have shown great disrespect toward the office of the GCON, further buttressing the fact that they are not patriotic Nigerians
  3. By claiming the President has signed off on the Special Intervention Funds without the supervision and recommendation of the Sports Ministry through its Minister, it is evident the NFF through Dikko, is attempting to con Nigerians yet again by making outlandish assertions which are impossible to occur
  4. So where are the monies running into billions, realised by the virtue of having sponsors?

The gross irresponsibility of the Pinnick led NFF is reaching new heights and bothers around embezzlement, name dropping of the President, running smear campaign on anyone who asks questions or demands for their due rights, lack of accountability and above all, absolute lack of integrity!

The NFF is truly shameless

By Ugochukwu ‘Lord Thanos Verbinski’ Ifeanyi


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