Alansmith Nig Ltd: FC Ebedei Pitch Is Best Choice For Nigerian League Clubs

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FIFA and CAF certified synthetic pitch installation firm, Alansmith Nigeria Limited, Joshua Adamu, has recommended Nationwide League One side, FC Ebedei pitch to clubs in the Nigerian leagues.

The CEO who recently sealed a partnership deal with the organisers of Nigeria’s foremost pre-season tournament, the Ogunjobi Gold Cup explained why the artificial pitch is the best in Nigeria as against natural turfs.

“I have been through it and seen it all. For a fact, the reason why I opt for and recommend the synthetic pitches to clients is because of our maintenance culture, nature and type of people we are in Nigeria to be specific.

“Ask me why and I would tell you, we do not have a good number of turfs that can accommodate our football culture and the number of people playing the game.

“One natural turf, you have people train daily, morning and evening, play matches at weekends, host tournaments, friendly games and novelty matches on it, such a turf won’t last the test of time.”

He added “Natural turfs are designed to host just Saturday matches, and not train on them like they do in Europe. But here in Nigeria, you have teams train on them daily and sadly cars drive on them during events like political rallies, concerts and others. That’s why they don’t last long.

“However, it’s only the artificial turfs that can withstand that pressure. Thankfully, the Federation of International Football Association(FIFA) has approved them, as all one has to do is to make sure that they meet standards and precision.”

Speaking on why he recommends the newly installed turf at the FC Ebedei Stadium in Sagamu to league sides in Nigeria, the CEO of Alansmith disclosed.

“The FIFA specified turfs we install on pitches in Nigeria were tested at LaboSports in Europe, we have specifications that allow for speed, ball bounce and ankle movement for players all tested and proven to be accurate.

“So if one maintains that standard, you won’t have any problem differentiating between natural and artificial turf.

“In Europe, as we speak, countries with harsh or difficult weather like Russia or Eastern Europe use artificial turfs, so it’s not only peculiar to Nigeria.”

“The FC Ebedei brand is unique and personal to me, we had the project from start to finish in 120 days despite been installed during the rain period and of course the congestion at the seaport.

“The 60mm FIFA standard artificial turf, shock pad, and French drained pitch will allow the teams to have a good feel of the professional surface.”


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