Barcelona 2 Vs 8 Bayern Munich: the end of an era?

Once upon a club popularly and renowned for her delightful football. A club regarded as ferocious, vicious in her style of play, respected amongst her equals, and would elegantly adorn herself with a stud of excellence in any part of the world.

A club whose feet could shake-up the entire universe at the mention of her prestigious name. A club, decades ago, daring, audacious, and cherished in high esteem by her supporters, standing tall in the face of subtle disappointments, can beat their chest with surety to go for the win, and would flagrantly wear her badge for other supporters to envy.

This delicious history of the club’s milestone usually served hot before the plates of the present and oncoming generation ended in despair and opprobrium yesterday as Bayern Munich football club momentarily baptized Barcelona’s name into “Trashelona FC”. They just showed the world that the acclaimed best club in the world is just like the rest of the world.

Lionel messi

Barcelona’s pubic hair was shaved in the public. A critical analysis of yesterday’s quarter-final match revealed how Bayern Munich produced a masterclass performance that battered, humiliated, disgraced, assaulted, and reduced the already grown wings of their counterpart. Not even their greatest of all time, Lionel Messi could save them from getting showered with meteor rocks of ignominy.

The damage has been done, and for years to come, the horrible nightmare proudly sponsored by Bayern Munich rout would continue to haunt her supporters with a hemorrhaging effect.

But guess what? The massive defeat would not change a dime about the natural world. So there’s a need to move on. A subtle reminder that Barcelona’s humiliation would not stop Covid-19 from spreading as a raging inferno if all precautions are taken into consideration neither should it deter Barcelona from upholding the legacy of the best club in the world. They only have two options; return to their drawing board, decipher what went wrong, conduct a massive shake-up of the team, map out several action plans concerning their game tactics or let this brobdingnagian defeat lead to the culmination of one of the most successful clubs in the history of football.


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