Brands Cannot Sponsor A Government Owned Club – Christian Chukwu

Former Super Eagles manager Chairman Christian Chukwu said no private brands will be willing to sponsor a government owned club, Owosports reports.

The legend speaking to Brila, believes the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) will only get a better structure once the government decides to hands off running the football clubs in the country.

“At this level of our football we must make sure the government do not run any football club, let leave it to private bodies, like it is done all over the world.

The 1980 African Cup of Nations winning captain believes the duty of the government is to provide enough facilities everywhere and not to engage in running football clubs.

“The duty of the governments is to make facilities available across the country, but not to run a football club, running a football club is meant for private and corporate organisation.

“Then the people will then come together and elect an officials to manage the clubs. This will bring about the needed change will have been yearning for.

He further stressed that governments pulling out from the running of football clubs will provide an enabling environment for private brands to come in and sponsor club football .

“When the government takes off their hands from running football clubs, then sponsors will start coming in, no sponsor will come in to run a government club, he concluded.

Chairman Christian Chukwu guided the Super Eagles to a 3rd place finish at the Tunisia 2004 African Cup Of Nation.


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