Bullet Energy Drink Promotes Active Lifestyle Through Sports And Social Engagement,

The management of the world most popular energy drink (Bullet Energy) has issued a statement declaring the ambition to help millions of young people live healthier lives in no distance future.

Some of the key initiatives the company is using to achieving this ambition is through sports and recreation activities.

According to Former basketball International, Samuel Oguche, “Healthy living is not only about eating right but also taking the right energy drink that supplements the body”.

Bullet Energy Drink is the key to maintaining a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Oguche stressed that Bullet Energy drink encourages healthy eating habits and active lifestyles through initiatives such as the Sam Oguche basketball youth camp which is aimed to help ensure growth and wellbeing of individuals and families, especially emerging talents.

Bullet Energy Drink has the ability to connect and empower communities through the passion it elicits and its accompanying opportunities.


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