Coach Bukola Duru Emphasises On Change of Mentality As Junior Women Handball Team Begins Camping

Coach of Nigeria’s Under 20 Women Handball Team, Coach Bukola Duru has laid emphasis on team work, tactical and technical discipline and diligence as a recipes for success of the team in international competitions.

The National Junior Women Handball Team are currently undergoing intensive training at the Aguiyi Ironsi Cantonment in preparation for the Africa Women Junior Handball Nations Cup in Conakry, Guinea and the coach Bukola alongside her assistant Coach Isiaka Atanda have been at the forefront of ensuring the girls are adequately prepared for the task ahead.

Coach Bukola, who revealed that the girls in camp are in their top spirit and responding well to training, also emphasized that the task of ensuring success of the team starts with a change of mentality of the players to align with the vision of the Handball Federation of Nigeria for the team.

She further said that some of the trait that the coaching crew expects the players to imbibe includes but not limited to, team work, an integration of tactical and technical discipline and diligence amongst several others.

“The HFN has given us a mandate of preparing a team that will make this country proud on all fronts and we took the challenge to instill a change in mentality of the players which is in accordance with the vision of the federation for the team.

So,for this team to succeed and truly maximize its potential, we expect the players to imbibe team work, an integration of tactical and technical discipline as well as diligence”. Coach Bukola concluded.

The Lagos Seasiders tactician also stated that the technical crew would continue to look out for the best and help the girls to reach their maximal level without sentiments in the screening process.

Coach Bukola Duru, the only coach in the Male Category of the top tier Prudent Energy Handball Premier League, was appointed by the HFN to take charge of the National Under 20 Female Handball team in July alongside Coach Isiaka Atanda as her assistant.


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