Detailed and Current Coaching Education is important – FCAAN President

A United States-based football instructor, Dr. Terry Eguoaje says most football coaches in Africa lack the knowledge of the newest methods of coaching.

He said this in Ibadan at the opening of a week training programme organised by Football Coaches Association of Africa Nations, FCAAN, for football coaches.

He noted that it was unfortunate that many African coaches failed to upgrade themselves after acquiring basic professional knowledge of coaching.

Dr. Eguaoje, who is also the president of FCAAN, said a good football coach must always undergo refreshers’ coaching programmes to make them relevant and aid them in excelling.

“The problem with coaching is lack of training, we have to be honest with ourselves, consistent training is what I mean, not the kind of training that a coach does every 2 or 3 years”, said affirmatively.

The football instructor maintained that efforts must been intensified to make African coaches compete favourably with their European counterparts.

Dr. Eguoaje added that corporate organizations should take up the development of sports in Africa.

“In the U.S., the government does not involve in sports, there is no Ministry of Sports in America, private businesses should take up the responsibility of sports in Nigeria, they are billionaires”

Other instructors including a UEFA A licensed instructor, Kyle Quigley from the United Kingdom, Coach Festus Adegoju from the University of Ibadan and Director, Coaching Education of FCAAN, Coach Henry Abiodun, took turns to lecture the participants on method of coaching, principles of play and designing training sessions.

The training continues as the D Diploma Course start on Monday for the registered coaches.


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