EDO 2023: Urgent Call For NFF To Swing Into Action

In a disconcerting saga surrounding the Edo State Football Association (FA), a series of uncertainty looms over the delayed elections, prompting a fervent plea to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for intervention.

The absurd situation traces back to the prolonged postponements of the Edo Election, now exceeding an alarming nine times. Despite the expiration of the Board on June 8, 2023, the NFF generously extended their tenure to October 30, 2023.

However, disturbing revelations unveil that the expired Board, with vested interests, is sponsoring a specific candidate, thereby building unnecessary tension in Edo State FA.

Adding to the complexity is the audacious move by the expired Board to convene a meeting on November 13, 2023, seemingly oblivious to their diminished authority in the absence of a legal standing Board. Legally, Edo State is left without a Board until the NFF establishes a Normalization Committee.

Even more worrying is the choice of venue for the meeting, opting for a hotel over the designated F.A Secretariat designed for official matters. This, coupled with the removal of a candidate’s name from the meeting notice without a clear disqualification, raises eyebrows regarding the transparency of the process.

These events seeks the urgent attention of the NFF, imploring swift action to address the chaotic state of affairs in Edo FA. Stakeholders and aspirants alike stand united, beseeching the NFF to uphold the integrity of football governance in Edo State


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