FCAAN F Certificate Course Lagos Zone End in Grand Style

The Football Coaches Association of Africa Nations held her first training of the year F Certificate Course Lagos Zone in Lagos State, and ended in a more glamorous moment.

The training which had in attendance 11 coaches from Ikeja and other local government in Lagos was educating, enlightening and informative.

The one day training program had the National Training Officer of Nigeria Football Coaches Association who also doubles as the Director of Coaching Education Mr. Henry Abiodun and the Dr. Diana as the instructor.

The duo facilitator made the program interesting by making sure it was more of interactive and collaborative as the coaches had the best of knowledge acquisition as described by some of the participants.

“Thanks to our teachers , Coach Henry, Dr. “

“I’m just beginning to imagine how much of a coach I’ll be by the time I get to C Diploma Course”

“Sincerely, with all the energy in the hall today, I can’t wait to get back on Monday for E Diploma Course.”

“I made up my mind to do this course in 2019. I have no regret for getting on with it this year”.

The FCAAN F certificate course is a all year program which is scheduled to hold in Abuja, Akure, Calabar, Edo, Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Kano, Port Harcourt and Yola with dates attributed to each State.


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