FCAAN Ready to Train Football Coaches in Nigeria

    Football Coaches Association for Africa Nations is set to train about one hundred and thirty five football coaches in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital for a week long coaching programme.

    Director, Coaching Education of Football Coaches Association of Africa Nations, FCAAN, Coach Henry Abiodun disclosed this in Ibadan.

    He said the programme would afford Nigerian coaches mostly at the grassroots the opportunities to have standard knowledge of coaching, pointing out that most grassroots coaches have no required coaching certificates for them to understand the rudiments of the round leather game.

    “It is only in Nigeria that we think coaches at the grassroots don’t need this kind of courses or coaching education, don’t forget that good coaches will eventually give you good players, and then good teams from the grassroots to the junior national teams and even the Super Eagles” Abiodun told Radio Nigeria

    He stated further that the programme would be in two parts, which are E Diploma Course and D Diploma Course that would introduce the participants to modern way of coaching with latest technology.

    According to him, the E Diploma Course would be basically for refreshers or a football coach that has no prior professional training as a football coach.

    “In America, people who want to coach, even for leisure, would go for coaching courses so that they can teach the right thing, as the country don’t allow anybody to coach, even ex players must learn the aspect of teaching and coaching the game, and that is why we have the E Diploma Course” Abiodun said

    The National Training Officer of Nigerian Football Coaches Association, explained that some coaches with CAF B licence and some well known Coaches have enrolled for the D Diploma Course, which is more advanced than the E Diploma Course.

    The former Manager of Sunshine Stars of Akure and Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan, assured Nigerians that the training programme would develop good and efficient football coaches that would discover and nurture to greatness football talents in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

    He informed the journalist further that President of FCAAN, Dr. Terry Eguoaje from United States of America, Kyle Quigley, a world known football instructor from the United Kingdom and seasoned football instructors from Nigeria alongside specialists from the Academia would be available for the one week training programme, which has the full backing of Nigeria Football Federation, NFF.

    The training starts on Friday June 14 and ends on Friday June 21 which promise to be educative and with lots of fun.


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