FIFA Men/Women World Rankings 2020: Nigeria getting better?

    The just released FIFA men/women world rankings has hand placed Nigerian national team/men into 29th position which alludes to that Nigeria is now among the top best 30 clubs in the world. Conversely, the Nigerian women national team moved into 38th position just a step higher than their previous position as released on August 14, 2020.

    This might be perceived by many as a feat but a complex notion still exists as regards whether the ranking is indeed a reflection of reality at hand owing to divergent views about the national team in general.

    However, many uphold that although the ranking might have portrayed Nigeria to have made creeping progress amongst other nations of the world, it still seem like a borrowed grace with the alluring idleness of sporting activities in Nigeria (football especially) save the blame on Covid-19.

    Nigeria was given a fair share by moving two places high of their former position with Senegal and Tunisia the only two African countries ahead of the African giant. This is a comforting assurance that the more the investments into the National team, and intensified efforts by all stakeholders in Nigeria would raise the country to higher positions of their imaginations in FIFA world ranking.

    The axiomatic truth still remains that there must be equal balance in the development of men and women football. This calls for concerted actions to develop the female national team through constant motivations and encouragement of female raw talents across the country. Sports, football in particular, in Nigeria should not be a crumbling precipice and hence a need for the Nigerian Football Federation to wake up from her comatose state.


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