Insecurity: Public Office Holders Should Start Investing In Sports.3SC Coach, Ayodeji Advises Politicians

    By: Sunday Agunbiade

    Director of Shooting Stars Football Academy, Coach Ayodeji Adeyemo Charles has called on all tiers of governments to support their state governors in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria. He said the youth restiveness can be reduced if government at all levels can invest in sports.

    Former Grey FC tactitian stated this while addressing newsmen in Ibadan during a Press briefing on the proposed scouting programs for the upcoming Football stars in the state.

    In his words …”Idle hands they say is devil’s workshop. I think some of our public office holders appear to put the issue of insecurity in the hands of state governors. They don’t seem to evolve ways of putting any mechanism to reduce the menace in their domains

    “I think all hands must be on deck if we are poised to check the rate of hooliganism and other social vices in the country. Let all govt functionaries invest in sports and help their state governors actualise peace and tranquility in their states

    “I believe strongly that if all public office holders: local government chairmen, Councilors, Special Advisers, Commissioner,Ministers, Senators ,state and Federal honourables, help their state governors in developing the grassroots sports by providing facilities at the grassroots level, honestly these youth would explore their talents maximally in sports and it will reduce rate of Insecurity In the land

    “Let’s look around and ask ourselves a simple question, how many recreations or sports centers did any of the so called honorable builds in their domain to engage the youths. Why must it be governors alone? Where is their constituency allowance going to?
    If each local government can provide sports facilities like Table tennis, lawn tennis, Basketball, Volleyball courts, boxing rings, football field, you will definitely agree with me that 85% of youths from the local government will be engaged throughout the day and thus will reduce drug addicts armed robbery, rape, hooliganism, arson and all forms of social vices”CAF graded Coach submitted


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