Nigeria Curling Federation will win Medals at the Olympics

NIGERIA CURLING FEDERATION was formed following the request by Miss Sheila Daniel in 2016, then 12 years old, she walked up to her Dad & Mum, Mr. Daniel and Mrs. H. Daniel and she said, “please could you both come watch me play curling, if you find it interesting please take the sport to Nigeria”. She ensured that she followed that up with her parents to see that Nigeria Curling federation was established in Nigeria.

Mr.Daniel Damola

The President Mr.Daniel Damola, who resides in Germany is well known in the world of Sports Management and event organizing. He is a philanthropist in all ramification with a vast knowledge in Sports administration, and a multilingual had an interview with the Goal Intense Crew.

Goal Intense: Good afternoon Curling has been in existence for a long time in the world but not so popular in Nigeria, what can you say is the problem and how are you are bridging the Gap

Daniel Damola: honestly the sport is usually played by the traditional ice country and in sub Saharan Africa. When we wanted to introduce the sport in Nigeria we considered those factors then we came up with dry curling which we are using to teach everyone in Nigeria the basis of the curling. Honestly the sport is usually played by the traditional ice country and not in sub Saharan Africa.

Goal Intense: Having this game played in Nigeria will be capital intensive, how is the government assisting you with this laudable efforts from the federation.

Daniel Damola: hmmmm till date no sponsorship from anyone nor the government the federation is been funded by my Wife and I and support from my colleagues.

Goal Intense: At the moment the federation is participating at the Master Curling Championship in Austria, who the people representing Nigeria and how did you get them qualify for the championship. In addition to the earlier questions asked: what will be the advantage of Nigeria as a nation by participating in the world curling championship or if you win any medal of Honor there.

Daniel Damola: The team of Susana and Tijani cole are the two athletes representing Nigeria. our qualification came through the previous games played in Norway and Scotland 2019.

Daniel Damola: First our advantage is we are portraying the image of the Nation as a sporting country secondly it proves that Nigeria as a country can venture into any kind of sport and be successful finally regarding the issue of honor Nigeria made history by becoming the first African nation to be admitted in the world of curling and few months after that we became the first African nation to win a game in curling sport which took the world by storm that alone brought honor to our nation.

Goal Intense I believe this sport is an Olympic recognized sport even to the Paralympics level. What will it cost you to qualify for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and even the Paralympics level too

Nigeria Wheel-Chair Curling

Daniel Damola: yes it’s an Olympic sport but under the winter discipline we are playing the qualification games towards 2022 winter Olympics. we have set up also the wheelchair curling which they will be travelling to South Korea for a proper ice training before their first competitive game in September this year.

Daniel Damola: hmmmm till date no sponsorship from anyone nor the government the federation is been funded by my Wife and I and support from my colleagues. The participant presently at the World Curling Championship in Austria are TJ Cole and Charles Neimeth

Goal Intense: So on the final note, what’s your plan for the federation and your plans to getting government approval and Sponsors for the upcoming events later this year

Daniel Damola: Sports Federation are meant to be independent but cooperate with the ministry of sport we have the recognition from Nigeria Olympic committee (NOC) and we are in good working relationship with the Ministry of youth and sport and for the up coming events for the 2020 we are calling on corporate bodies, individuals who want to help sponsor this federation and who wants to see the sport grow in Nigeria to come on board and sponsor us.

Goal Intense: Great way to end the interview. I wish the Nigerian participants at the ongoing world curling championship good luck.

Daniel Damola: Thank you for taking time out to get us interviewed.


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