Nigeria Curling Federations to facilitates Scholarships to all Nigerian

    Nigeria Curling Federations is set to facilitate the award of scholarships to Nigerian interested in Sports Management organized by the World Academy of Sports, Goal Intense Sports can report.

    This laudable educational program was stated by the President of the Nigeria Curling Federations Mr. Damola Daniel during a radio interview on Wednesday at Wazobia FM Lagos. He siad:

    “The World Academy of Sport scholarship for the Postgraduate Certificate, International Sports Management programme is for everybody not only members of NCF but anyone interested”

    The hardworking and intelligent President further stated that the scholarships is for everyone and it is not limited to curling players and coaches but for all interested Nigerians.

    While giving answers to some questions asked he explained that the effect of the program will further expose the participants on how sports is being managed effectively which will in turn cause further development especially in grassroot Sports development.

    The form can be downloaded or fill and submitted online at the Nigeria Curling Federations website and it is totally free.

    Nigeria Curling Federations has been well represented at the world stage championship with great achievement so far and is leaving no stones onturn plans to qualify for Olympics.


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