No Problem with Rohr’s Contract Renewal – Dikko

League Management Company (LMC), chairman who alo doubles as the second Vice President of the NFF Mallam Shehu Dikko has shed more light on the salary conditions in Gernot Rohr’s contract renewal.

The German is approaching the end of his current contract as Super Eagles manager, but the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is ready to offer him a new deal provided he agrees to the new conditions.

The conditions include staying in Nigeria, earning in Naira and also nurturing local league players. On the issue of salary, Shehu Dikko has cleared all confusions given Rohr was being paid in dollars before.

The LMC chairman said the new measure was introduced in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rules. He also added there is an agreement with the country’s financial institution, and there won’t be a problem with the payment of Rohr’s salary.

“There is absolutely no issue whatsoever (about the new contract for Rohr), and everything is going through its normal due process and all required levels within the NFF,” Shehu Dikko told the Nation.

“What the NFF President said in his TV interview with regards to some key terms NFF want to deepen in the new contact being worked on was nothing new as he has said the same things several times this year,” continued Dikko.

“Recall there was an even a ban on transaction with foreign currency within Nigeria and even recently CBN have issued another further regulations which further banned transfer of dollars that is paid to any account in cash.

“So you can only transfer Dollars that come into your account through transfer or something like that; paying Rohr in Naira actually made things easy for both parties as he will simply take what he wants to spend here and spend; then formally go through CBN official channels to transfer what he wants to transfer abroad

“This is how CBN regulates it so everything will be documented. So it doesn’t hurt anybody to pay him in Naira but make it all easier and clear to monitor within the CBN regulatory framework.

Dikko also said there’s no problem with Rohr’s renewal as it is not the first time his contract is being renewed having signed an extension in 2018.

“I assure you there is no acrimony and this is not the first time Rohr contract is being extended as the same was done in 2018 seamlessly,” concluded the NFF Vice President.


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