FC Nilayo coach Goodluck Obilo has rated the Referees low in the ongoing NNL games.

The new coach believed the Referee who managed the match against 3SC has been bought over by the away team (3SC). He stated this during the post match interview with correspondent.

“Nigeria Football is becoming tiring with the Center Referee and his Assistance spoiling the game all in the name of money. His calls and reactions showed that he was taking sides”

“Those Referees are not doing what they are supposed to do and they are spoiling Nigeria Football for us. They frustrated my players all through the game.”

Confirming the poor performance of the Referee, Hon. Bukola Olopade spoke to our correspondence that the situation is becoming worse:

“But for the poor performance of the Referees today FC Nilayo had a great game. I made bold to say the Referees were appalling today”

“The Center Referees did serious injustice and it was not a matter of incompetency but it was a matter of taking sides with the bigger team rather than protecting both teams equally.”

The Philanthropist and Sport Administrator concluded.


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