NWFL AGM: Nigeria Women Football League holds Annual General Assembly 2023

…for a strong women’s football league, that is competitive, and well

The Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) is delighted to announce the upcoming Annual General Assembly (AGA) set to take place on October 5th, 2023. This significant event will be hosted at the BON Hotel, Ikeja Residence, 51 Sobo Arobiodu Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.
Going into the Annual General Assembly, NWFL’s core strategy is firmly rooted in robust stakeholder engagement. The focus is on expanding the women’s football ecosystem, a holistic approach that encompasses state football associations, clubs, players, ex-players, NWFL ambassadors, coaches, fans, agents, corporate Nigeria, commercial partners, policymakers, and more.

This year’s AGA revolves around the theme of “Women’s Football Rising©.” Coincidentally, it also marks the unveiling of a new platform, Women’s Football Rising©, which embodies NWFL’s vision, grassroots women’s football commitment, and future aspirations.

Women’s Football Rising© serves as a monumental platform championing the multifaceted essence of women’s football. It’s a rallying point for empowerment, unity, and transformation of women’s football in Nigeria. Under this platform, NWFL will launch exciting initiatives including the He4She© Campaign, Sisterhood© Campaign, and Football and The Girl Child© Initiative.

These efforts will be powered by extensive stakeholder
engagement, which lies at the heart of NWFL’s mission. The engagements will be primarily events-driven and intended to expand the women’s football ecosystem.

As stated by Ms. Nkechi Obi, Chairman of NWFL, “Empowering strong clubs is the cornerstone of NWFL’s mission, as they are the driving force behind women’s football development, fostering talent, promoting inclusivity, and shaping the future of the game.”

Ms. Obi emphasized, “Investing in women’s football isn’t just a
commitment; it’s a catalyst for transforming the entire landscape of the sport, driving inclusivity, and equality, and unlocking the true potential of women football in Nigeria.”

Ms. Modupe Shabi, the COO of the league, noted that “NWFL stands as the cornerstone of opportunity for talented female players in Nigeria, offering a dedicated platform for them to flourish and chase their footballing dreams with passion and purpose.”

NWFL is strategically leveraging FIFA’s women’s football development workplan to increase female participation in football, enhance clubs’ commercial value, optimize existing competitions, and build a culture of good footballer conduct and club governance.
The league’s ultimate goal is to deliver a strong women’s football league that is competitive and well governed, ensuring that women’s football in Nigeria continues to rise to new heights.


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