On your Birthday today, there
    are somethings very special about
    you that I love and I really cherish it.

    It’s unique yet very simple to figure
    out the very first day I met you. It’s
    very strong and I could not resist it.
    Love, loyalty, mutual care, respect,
    and always looking out for each other’s
    best interests are just the icing to top up
    your personality.

    I loved you immediately, ever since the
    very first moment that I saw you and I
    said to myself that Lekan, you’ve got a
    great brilliant, wise and intelligent person
    in Awwal.

    You lit up people’s life then and you still
    light them up no end. Your Light (Nur) will
    never seize.

    Affirmatively, you deserve the blessings
    showered on you and many other benefits
    that God will unleash on you. Smile today
    and every other day of your life on earth.

    I wish you the very best birthday Awwal Riddol,
    and eternal happiness in everything that you do.

    Lots of love,
    GoalIntense Team.


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