Olubadan Stops Obesere’s Agbaakin Installation for Kwam 1’s sake.

The much talked about Agbaakin title on Paramount King of Fuji, Alhaj Abass Akande Obesere by His Royal Majesty, Oba Soliu Adetunji, Aje 1 may not hold on Thursday after all.

This is due to some untidy circumstances which surround the conferment.

JBANews can authoritatively report that a top aide of the monarch had singlehandedly signed and issued a conferment letter to the Fuji act without the official knowledge and approval of the Palace!

The cat was let out of the bag when another Ibadan son earlier promised with the title approached Olubadan to clarify the robust media promotion of same title to Obesere!

With a complete surprise, we further gather, the Palace called an emergency meeting after which it was discovered that the said aide had acted alone without any official justification.

Therefore, Alhaj Akande Obesere was summoned before Olubadan, after which it was obvious to him that the honour did not actually come from the monarch!

He was then clearly informed that, although the late Fuji Lord, Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was the last beneficiary of the title, still it is not automatically meant for another musician!

However, this blunt clarification is not going down well with supporters of Alhaj Abass Akande Obesere with insinuations that the Olubadan stance may have been influenced by his music son, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal to check Obesere’s rising profile!

On further investigation, it is discovered that it was Obesere and his planners, without clearance, picked Thursday, 2 May contrary to the existing traditional days in the palace which always fall within Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays.

Despite this and with prompt intervention of some prominent personalities in the city, the Olubadan has agreed to honour Alhaj Abass Obesere with another prominent title but won’t be earlier than a date to be given by the Palace sometimes in June after Ramadan period.

But with the level of preparations, closeness of the May 2 date and already scheduled May/June European tours, had to look elsewhere to save the almost embarrassing situation for the conferment to hold!

This, the Paramount Fuji King found in Owu Kuta, near Iwo, State of Osun where Olowu of Owu Kuta, Oba Hamid Adekunle Makama, Degbosun 1, conferred on him the title of Agbaakin Bobagunwa of Yoruba land on Wednesday afternoon and the reception is on Thursday at Kakanfo Inn, Joyce B, road, Ibadan.


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