I understand that you have been trying your best in improving the NPFL but I want you guy’s to know that the faith of Nigeria’s football is in your hands.

    I know its not easy but please let organize a platform that will help our young footballers e.g by making it compulsory that every NNL &NPFL clubs must have an U18, U15, U13 male and female team. and NPFL YOUTH LEAGUE should be organized for the U18. The U15 &U13 teams should be made to play NPFL KIDS HOLIDAY CUP during holidays.

    There should be a league pattern that every player in the country will understand e.g EPL= 60% counter attack and 40% tiki taka, LALIGA= 65-70% TIki taka and 35-30% counter attack. this way kids will grow up understanding each other and when they are selected for national duties they will play well. This is called playing Culture of a team.

    If we want our country to improve in FIFA Ranking both in Africa and the world, then I think this is the solution.

    Its about time we start showing the world why we are the giant of Africa.
    Its time we make our league the best in Africa.

    I understand we don’t have enough sponsors, I understand we don’t have the money to show live matches but trust me, when you have spectators from other developed countries like Spain, England, France etc coming to bid for your U18 &15 players, that will serve as more income for the league, and our country will be respected worldwide.

    We don’t need other countries to help us build our boys before we discover and invite them for national duties, let’s build our boys by our self so that they can understand each other when they are out for national duties.

    Your time and my time will pass but the history of our time shall never pass



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