Para Powerlifting: Queen Idris inspired Bose Omolayo to win Gold in Tokyo

The timely intervention of Former President of Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation (NPPF), Queen Idris ensured that Bose Omolayo won a gold medal at the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics Games.

Queen Idris who is a special guest of the World Para Powerlifting Federation promised to give Bose Omolayo 500 dollars if she delivered a gold medal at the Games.

Idris said the morale of Bose Omolayo was low before she participated in her weight class adding that she had to cheer her up with her local dialect.

She said, “I am in Tokyo for the Paralympics Games on a special invitation from the World Para Powerlifting Federation. They knew the role I played when I was President of Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation. Before Bose Omolayo broke the World Record and landed Nigeria her second gold medal in the Para Powerlifting event, I had to motivate her psychologically and promise her 500 dollars.

“It gave me great joy when she broke the World Record because the only language Bose Omolayo understands IS Para Powerlifting. Bose Omolayo is an orphan, she cannot read and write and the only language she understands is sports”.

“She has challenges catering for her children before the Tokyo Paralympics and I informed her that winning a gold medal is a plus for her and she will be able to cater for the needs of her children.

“Most of the athletes know that I have special love for them, I am willing to make more sacrifices for them and that is why I am currently in Tokyo to cheer the Para Powerlifters to victory”, Idris added.

After Bose Picked up the gold, Queen Idris fulfilled her promise instantly and sprayed Bose Omolayo 50,000 Yen which is equivalent to 500 dollars.

The Former President of Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation also gave Bose Omolayo a set of tracksuit from Limitless Identity Fashion”, which is the approved clothing line for the World Para Powerlifting.


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