PozoAlbense CD To signs MoU With Rivers Angels

PozoAlbense CD of Spain has signed a collaboration agreement with the Rivers Angels to promote the practice of women’s football in the African country.

The expansion of the Pozoalbense Femenino seems endless. The group of Los Pedroches has undertaken an ambitious sports project this year, the main objective of which is to be at the top of the ranking in the Iberdrola Challenge.

However, the entity’s strategy does not end there, as it has insisted that the name of Pozoblanco sounds as far as possible, while promoting the practice of women’s football.

In this sense, the club has signed a collaboration agreement with Rivers Angels FC, in order to help the development of women’s football in Nigeria through the aforementioned team.

In this way, the agreement establishes that the Pozoalbense will contribute with the sports equipment for the practice of soccer, in addition to opting for a right of first refusal on the new promises, as well as for the exchange of young soccer players for their development in the field sports.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that the Pozoalbense entity will have a strong Nigerian accent next year, after the incorporation of Evelyn Chiedu and Tochukwu Oluhei.

In fact, both landed at the club from the Rivers Angels, which has made it possible for this agreement to be reached.

Likewise, the signing of the two footballers generated some controversy at the time, as the African team defended then that they had a valid contract, which was denied by Pozoalbense.

Finally, the situation has been clarified in a favorable way for both teams, and the Cordoba will have two guarantees reinforcements for the new course, in addition to being able to strengthen their brand with an international collaboration for the development of women’s football in that country.