Referee Appointment Committee Chairman: A Call for Implementation of FIFA Circular

Open Letter to the NFF President, Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Gusau

By Danjuma Zubair

Federation of International Football Association, FIFA had last year served a final warning to all members Associations to ensure that whoever that would be appointed as Chairman Referees Appointment Committee must be a retired Referee. It did not stop at that, it added that the occupier of such exalted seat must be a retired FIFA arbiter. Can a non footballer appointed as Footballers Association President?

This directive sparked members Associations into action as they complied with the football governing body changing Referee Appointment Committee Chairman to avoid unwarranted litigations from stakeholders and consequently result to legal defeat in CAS

Surprisingly, Nigeria is yet to implement this global standard as they hide this circular from public space to satisfy their pecuniary gains. The situation has further put the credibility of our league in doubt as the occupier of the seat is the Chairman Kano State Football Association, Alhaji Rabiu Inuwa Allan. This Kano State Football Association Boss, Alhaji Inuwa knew nothing about refereeing practices as he was never a former referee nor a retired FIFA badge as directed by Football governing body but yet occupying a seat that meant for a retired FIFA badge arbiter. What a shame!

Countless of hooliganisms, shenanigans and violence that characterized our leagues in recent years was not unconnected with the unwholesome practices from the NFF .The league loss its repute and LMC was declared illegal due to the flagrant disobedience of global standard.

According to a circular received by the leadership of the NFF in the year 2021 under Amanju Melvin Pinnick ,it warned that any Federation who flouts this standard will have its hand burnt which thus means that the NFF and IMC should as a matter of urgency look into this before the commencement of the league.

Going through 13par.1(e) of the FIFA Statutes:

“The Referees Committee shall be composed of a Chairman who must be a retired FIFA Referees, a deputy chairman and the members deemed necessary to discharge its duties. It’s members must not be affiliated to any clubs, leagues or any other Football organisation.”

“The Referees Committee must be an integral part of the Member Association’s structure.”

“Under no circumstances may it fall under the supervision or control of other bodies such as the leagues, unions or government.”

In view of this, the new board of the NFF under the able leadership of Alhaji Musa Gusau humbly prayed to look into this and correct the anomaly so as to put Nigeria league in good stead.

Now, a cursory check into the profile of the Board Members, nobody is qualified to occupy the seat. The NFFF Boss can only revert to the congressmen and appoint anyone who is a retired FIFA badge referee and save Nigerian Football from to g impending global rot

Presently, Pielluigi Collina is still involved in football as an unpaid consultant to they Italian Football Referees Association (AIA), the Head of Referees for the Football Federation of Ukraine since 2010, a member of the UEFA Referees Committee, and Chairman of the FIFA referees committee. Nigeria must not stand on gun powder as a stich in time,saves nine.


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