Career in Refereeing In Nigerian Football League Is Now Business Not Hobby Anymore – Victor Nwakama

President Abia Comet Football Club, Chief Victor Nwakanma has reiterated the career of Referees as a business and not a hobby or recreation as it is being treated in Nigeria.

The Vice President of the Nigeria Football Coaches Association said this in Enugu during the ongoing Nigeria National League (NNL) Super 8 tournament.

“Refereeing is now a business and not a hobby as it is used to be called so there should be more organisation and cohesion. They should not support any team as that is the rule of the game.”

When asked about his team not too good performance at the just concluded NNL season, the retired referee said.

“I can not blame anybody for our inability to qualify for the NNL playoffs. We tried our best and we did everything humanly possible to qualify but this is football.

“I want to advise the NNL management to look into the officiating of the games as against next season. I am also at fault likewise every other person involved in the game.

“This season has been the worse league ever, as a private club owner it has been difficult because of the maintenance of the club and the players for the past two months without playing but one has to pay them.

“My brother the President of Nigeria Referees Association(NRA) should do more not to side any team and be neutral as a former referee.”

“No one wants to talk about the club owners and managers because most of us want to win at all cost and that has been the major problem in Nigeria. If we change our motives from winning at all cost to developing the game of football then our games will be better.

“If you want to blame the NNL then it should be the non-payment of indemnities to referee because it is not good for the officials of the game to be borrowing money to get to match centres,” the President concluded.


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