Siasia caged again with the new FIFA leaks

Mr Siasia engaged in email exchanges with the convicted match-fixer Mr Wilson Raj Perumal between March and April 2010, which came to the attention of FIFA and led to the opening of a preliminary investigation into the matter by FIFA Integrity.

The investigation found that Mr Siasia had conspired with Mr Perumal in order to be recruited as a coach of an unidentified Australian club allegedly under the control of Mr Perumal. Mr Siasia agreed to follow the instructions of Mr Perumal and engage in match manipulation activity once recruited by the unidentified Australian club, and to enrol players who were willing to cooperate with Mr Perumal in the first-team squad of the club.

Furthermore, Mr Siasia allegedly agreed to ignore and accept the match manipulation actions of the unidentified players conspiring with Mr Perumal.

The conclusion of the preliminary investigation resulted in the opening of formal proceedings against Mr Siasia. On 16 August 2019, the independent Ethics Committee imposed a lifetime ban and a fine of CHF 50,000 on Mr Siasia for having breached


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