State of Osun Commissioner for Youths and Sports has damaged Football Development in Osun

By: Oluwaseun Omolola

Following the stoppage of salaries of Osun United and Osun Babes players, coaching crew and management boards by the state government through the Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Mr Yemi Lawal, some players have expressed their displeasure towards the action by labeling Mr Yemi Lawal as heartless.

The players who pleaded anonymity said they don’t want their names mentioned because they don’t want be witch-hunted by the commissioner.

“I know Mr Yemi Lawal too well. He loves witch hunting people. I don’t know how on earth someone will be so mean as our commissioner is. Why on earth did he ask the Governor to stop our salaries? Our salaries is the only means of livelihood we have unlike the commissioner who has diverse means of getting money.” The player said.

Another player also supported the view of the first player by saying; I don’t know why Governor Gboyega Oyetola chose Yemi Lawal for us in sports because he knows practically nothing about sports. If he does, he wouldn’t stop our salaries.”

“Our salaries is what we use to take care of our families and people around us. How do we survive now that Mr Lawal has stopped it?”

“We plead with the governor of the state, Mr Gboyega Oyetola to please come to our aid before Yemi Lawal kill us all with hunger.” The player concluded.


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