Vandrezzer Could Return As NNL Makes Uturn On Broadcast Right

The governing body of second tier of Nigeria League, Nigeria National League (NNL) on Friday released a statement conceding a reverse on their initial position as regards Live Broadcast of its league games.

The release signed by the Chief Operating Officer of the NNL, Emmanuel Adesanya, states that teams with the financial capability of streaming its games within the jurisdiction of the NNL should go ahead without obstruction from any party.

“That clubs that have the capacity irrespective of the number of Cameras are permitted in the 2020/2021 league season to broadcast their matches either at their home or away matches unhindered. ” The release stated.

It however indicated sanctions on teams trying to hinder the broadcast of games as regards the NNL.

“Any club that hinders, prohibit or causes any delay in the live streaming of its home matches may be liable to a fine of up to five hundred thousand Naira (#500,000) with addition to any further applicable sanctions. ” Added the release.

Vandresser Football club (VFC) in mid April indicated that dissatisfaction in the treatment of other clubs as regards live streaming of games away from home.

The Lagos-based club issued a long statement stating how they were maltreated in some of the league venues when they attempted to stream their away games which they stated was as a result of the agreement earlier had with the NNL body.

Following series of meetings and understandable deliberations, the league management have made it public to protect the interest of its member clubs who wish to market the NNL by streaming it’s matches.

This however is all Vandrezzer FC needed and may enhance their return to the league when the second phase begins after the mid-season break.


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