Breaking: Heavy handicap as Israel Adesanya shuts up ‘disrespectful’ Paulo Costa

    Abou-dhabbi hosted UFC 253 matchups with an hospitable courtesy. The main event went down 3am 27th September, 2020 in an hot frenzy manner which saw the ‘Nigerian born’, the reigning, defending and undisputed middleweight UFC champion, Israel Adesanya maintain his perfect 100% win record against his haughty opponent Paulo Costa.

    Adesanya called Paulo Costa’s bluff and proved to the world what it takes to be a champ. ‘The last style-bender’, lacking such humanitarian impulse style bended and landed vicious punches and kicks over Paulo Costa’s ass as the latter was technically defeated on the long run.

    Paulo Costa’s aspirations to become the new UFC middleweight champion went down the drain in an instantaneous cessations as the referee showered a kindred sympathy towards him to prevent him from getting further malicious battering, gymnastic humiliation, and acrobatic molestations in the hands of the unforgiving Israel Adesanya.

    Such inspiring achievement by Adesanya deserves tremendous accolades as he has now accumulated the most wins at present; 20 won, 0 lose. History will never forget as well as Paulo Costa too, how his impressive 13 win UFC record has been prematurely botched, violated, and humbled before a man he is bigger than in weight and physique. What an irremediable sorrow and such an irreparable injury to his career!


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