Just in: Last minute theatrics at Brighton and Holves Albion stadium over VAR decision

    An upsurge of jostling confusion is not something new in contemporary football most especially, with the introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

    While VAR has been of immense benefits to some clubs in EPL, others who have been the victim uphold jaundiced opinion over the relevance of VAR. However, the existentialism of VAR in football generally is to serve as a check to the referee’s ultimate decision in a game.

    Not much to be surprised of at the theatrics that ensued after Brighton versus Manchester United’s game in which the latter secured a narrow victory over the former in game week 3.

    The scene has generated mixed feelings amidst football fanatics over the referee’s decision to award a deserving penalty following a hand denying Harry Maguire’s last minute header which was Manchester United’s first corner in the game.

    Meanwhile, the referee had blown a final whistle after Maguire’s header was cleared out by Brighton’s defender while the ball was still in Brighton’s box eighteen. What followed suit was an angry protestation from Manchester United’s captain, Harry Maguire to the referee to check the VAR for a potential penalty.

    The game ended following Bruno Fernandez’s hot conversion of the 90+10 minutes penalty into the back of the net which saw the game ended in favour of Manchester United at the last gasp.

    However, astute observers were of the opinion that the penalty, although highly deserved should have not been awarded after the referee blew a whistle to end the game. While some inquisitive pundits share an antagonistic view that it is tantamount to perversion of justice and an aberration if that eventful circumstance is not reviewed.

    Should the referee in focus have blown the final whistle while the game was still in action inside Brighton’s box? Your thoughts?


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