Sunday Dare, A man who is Meticulous, Sponteneous and Industrious

By Wale Ajayi

Dare has come to set the records straight. A man who is so meticulous, yet so industrious. He talks little but his actions will always speak louder than his voice.

He took his time, went through the statutes and read between the lines and came up with the bullet points. I have never doubted you Dare, many called to say do you trust this man? I laughed and told them yes I do.
Don’t dare Dare, don’t step on his toes because he can bite and when he does, he leaves you.wounded and bruised. Today we have seen a minister who doesn’t need any gloves in a boxing bout. A minister who left the opponent sprawling with a left uppercut, a minister who has the guts to confront and challenge the gods, a minister who stood up to uphold the truth, a minister who listened and acted as advised.

Dare is such an intelligent, vibrant and upright administor. A man that doesn’t deserve to be In this corrupt society of ours, a charismatic leader, a fearless administrator and an advocate of fairplay and justice.

Thanks for this judgement, thanks for upholding the truth on the Anambra FA election .
You are a joy to our hearts, a terror to the terrorists and minister of God. We love you Dare, we believe in you and we know that you are here to right the many wrongs in our football

If I have my way you will be the president of Nigeria and i know you will not disappoint Nigerians. Keep up the good work, Nigerians, especially the youths are solidly behind you.

Don’t dare Dare, he has come to change the norms.


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