UCL 2020/21draw: ‘of familiar foes and anticipated rivalry’

    Another yet mouthwatering champions league group stage draw has been released for the 2020/21 season. Previous season saw Bayern Munich emerged as the latest champion.

    This time around, Bayern Munich would go through a tough test featuring obstinate but dogmatic Athletico Madrid in group A which many UCL fans have been anticipating. Luis Suarez would face his nightmare once again this time around in two legged games.

    Real Madrid and Inter is just another diplomatic battle between two great Managers, Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane. Arturo Vidal is very familiar with the Los Blancos. They have now been pitched together in group B. Let the rivalry begins!

    Man city has always been fed with a silver spoon since his consecutive appearances in the Champions league. Not too much hurdles to go through but can receive the shock of her life if care is not taken. This is Champions League!

    Liverpool would have to watch their backs definitely because Ajax and Atalanta are not here to joke and are armed with champions league experience too. The irrefutable argument is that this group is more of a group of death.

    Chelsea would face the imperial king of Europa, Sevilla and might get positive results if there is a consistent performance in the team.

    Dortmund are handsomely compensated by getting Zenit, Lazio and Club Brugge in group F. However, they should not deliberately turn their harmonious grace into horrible disgrace because UCL is the league of champions, everyone wants to prove a point.

    A battle of the GOAT is once rekindled with Messi and Ronaldo’s domineering impact in the world of football has created an everlasting memories for the past 15 years. Now, they look forward to battle it out once again just like old times. A reunion that makes the blood of football fanatics boil.

    An hoarded vengeance is about to be unleashed between Paris Saint Germaine and Manchester United. A flashback of how the latter aggregately dumped the former from round of 16 in previous would generate a heated rivalry betwixt the duo. Leipzig after creating an impression last year’s champions league by reaching the semi-finals would want to prove her previous victories are no average excellence.

    Although, the expectations are high but none of the clubs is immune to getting dumped out of the UCL group stage.


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