Shooting Stars Mercurial Winger Malomo Was Signed From Joy Cometh – Balogun

    More facts have emerged that Shooting Stars of Ibadan midfield prodigy Malomo Taofeek Ayodeji was signed from Nigerian National League (NNL) side Joy Cometh of Ikorodu.

    VIA Football Academy who lay claim to the midfielder had posted online that the player is their product and so they have the economic rights on Malomo.

    A team picture dated December 15, 2018, that captured the midfielder and post read, ‘Fact-checking…Pictures don’t lie. VIA FA vs Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan played at Adamasingba Sports Complex on the 15th of December, 2018. Malomo Taofeek Ayodeji on jersey No. 16. Conscience is an open wound that can only be healed by truth. Malomo is a product of VIA Sportsclub and we have the economic rights of the player duly documented.’

    The General Manager of the Oluyole Warriors, Rashid Balogun said, “Shooting Stars management will not waste precious time joining issues with any Academy, agent, intermediary or third party as regards Malomo.

    ” Whatever issue VIA Football Academy has is not with 3SC as Malomo was signed outrightly from Joy Cometh before the start of the 2020/21 NNL season that ended with a play-off in Enugu.

    “Let’s be logical here, I feel someone is trying to reap from where he or she didn’t sow. You say a player is yours, he played for Joy Cometh in the Nationwide League One (NLO), the team got promoted to the Nigerian National League (NNL) and from there he got signed by another NNL team, 3SC you didn’t raise an alarm.

    ” The same player you said you have his economic rights then played a whole season and gained promotion with Shooting Stars to the Nigerian Professional Football League(NPFL), you now go to the media space that he is your product, how.”

    “If VIA Football Academy can produce a picture of Malomo in a team picture where they played a friendly match against Shooting Stars in 2018, they can well produce their contract dealings with Joy Cometh for everyone to see.

    “For the record, the information Shooting Stars got from Malomo’s NLO player’s license are Joy Cometh 2017/18 season and Joy Cometh 2018/19 season.

    “More so the Transfer Matching System (TMS) that was introduced by the Federation of International Football Association(FIFA) for its members which include the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is there for everyone to verify if Malomo was a bonafide player of Joy Cometh or VIA Football Academy before he was signed by 3SC.

    ” Let me state here again, Shooting Stars management will not negotiate with any agent or persons who parade himself as representative of Malomo, as the club made an outright signing of him from his parent club, Joy Cometh.”


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